Backup Your files automatically to your Email

You must be using lot of backup tools to take backups from your PC.. Or some people even use their email to backup your files….Today i will show you a new way to backup your files to your email id without wasting much time….There is a free tool available to do this.‘Backup to Email’.


This is incredibly intuitive and has some cool features like,

* Right click files and backup to email.
* Right click folders they are zipped and backuped.
* Allow zip before send.
* Run custom command before send.
* Change subject prefix.
* SSL SMTP connection and non ssl.
* Configurable SMTP server.
* Scheduler in crontab notation so you can schedule backups.
* Ask for target email before every backup (by default not asking).

Bonus tip : Setup email filters to automatically steer all your backups into a folder so it does not clog up your inbox.

So guys….Start taking backups using this cool tool and save your time and DATA….  😎

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