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Quest for a perfect IT Management software ends here!

Yes, after a long quest for a perfect IT management software, i finally found the best!

It was on August 2008, i joined Flip Media, as IT Support Specialist. My Team lead Iyad, wanted to me to sort all the local issues, we were facing in the office and streamline and document all IT assets. I wanted a good inventory tool to help me do this. After lot of research and tests, finally landed on this website. Spiceworks!


It is really a great software which is a must have for all IT Administrators. Believe me, you cannot afford to miss this.

Spiceworks combines everything you need to manage IT in one easy-to-use application:

* Software inventory, network inventory, PC inventory. Inventory every IT thing you manage.
* Network monitoring, Exchange monitoring, license monitoring and more.
* Asset reporting, inventory reporting… share a report.
* Helpdesk & IT Portal.

I was just looking for a nice inventory software, but spiceworks gave me more than that. Now with the power of Spiceworks, i am getting alerts when somebody installs   a new software, when the drive space is less, when the printer cartridge level is low, who is using unauthorized apps like torrents, anonymous proxy etc. and lot more.

And the best part of this, its completely free! It has a community of around 500,000 IT pros, who share their IT expertise and help solve  related issues. The reason why,  this is completely free, is that  they have ads in the web pages. IT advertisers pay them to display relevant, informative, unobtrusive ads.

So i suggest all IT Pro’s to try this awesome tool and you will find that how easy will be your life with Spiceworks. I am a great fan of Spiceworks now, and added the spiceworks badge in my blog.

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