Dress Differently For a Day

Written by Ambi

Coins 4 Charity, a new fund raising project directly benefiting the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre in Dubai, has announced the launch of ‘Dress Differently For a Day’, a charity event being held on April 30th 2009, where schools, organizations  and the community from around the UAE can dress differently to support a worthy cause. Participants can dress up, dress down, come to the office in pyjamas, dress like a movie star, or dress in their favorite color – the more creative, the better!


The Dress Differently for a Day initiative is based on the  concept that special needs children experience the world differently and was created by Coins 4 Charity Founder Lizelle Jansen who launched the charity earlier this year to raise funds and awareness for the school, where her 3 year old son is a student.

The idea for Coins 4 Charity originated from the knowledge that most people have coins lying around, making it easy for us all to make a difference. The goal for the Coins 4 Charity 2009 – 2010 school year is to raise enough coins to support the development and maintenance of the Centre. The charity has already proven to be a success raising 28,500 AED in a mere two weeks during its first coin drive last month.
Today, as planned we had it  in our office too. I knew that most people will wear something different. I was so confused to find something different to wear. Finally I got my costume, which I believe is way too different. 😉

Here is my dress for today. Only thing is,  not so easy to sit somewhere  with this.  😀

Dress Differently For a Day

To my suprise, our staffs voted me as the second best!  Very happy..  🙂

Thank you Flippers.


If I get permission from all other staffs, I will post their costumes too.  Would really like to hear some comments on this. 🙂

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