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Free remote IT support for my readers

Yes, I will be offering free remote support, to my readers from now onwards. If you have some computer issues, and would like to get remote support, I can help you. I am using a service called Crossloop. I am a crossloop user since 2007. Was not using this for a long time, and now wish to start using it again.

Crossloop,  is a simple remote support tool, by which you can give remote support to your friends and relatives, without using complicated techniques like port forwarding and all. You can contact a CrossLoop technician, and download a small tool from the website.

Once  you download and install this tool, you will see a welcome screen with two tabs. Select the Access tab if you would like to connect and control a friend’s PC.


Use the following steps to access your friends machine :

1. Open CrossLoop, and click on Access

2. Get the access code from your friend, and enter in the “Access code” box

3. Click on connect to get connected with your friend.

To share your screen with someone you want to get help from:

1.  Click on Share on crossloop

2. Copy your access code and send it to your friend.

3. Click on Connect.

That’s it. You are connected with the person, you want to get support from. Easy rite? Yeah, no need of complex steps like port forwarding, configure your machine for remote support etc.

Worried about security? CrossLoop encrypts all files and messages exchanged on their network to ensure user privacy. Only you and your invited friends or family can view or share control of your computer. A CrossLoop session can only begin on your computer by explicitly inviting someone to begin a session. All data sent over the CrossLoop network is encrypted at the endpoints using a 128-bit Blowfish encryption.

Now the best part, as I told you in the beginning of the post. I am giving free support to my readers, who wants remote support. Now you can see a button of crossLoop in my blog. If you want remote support, simply click on the link and contact me. Normally I charge people, who contact me through crossLoop site, but if you contact me through my blog, then I will be giving you free support. 😉

So guys, use the power of crossloop and fix your computer issues, for  free. 🙂

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