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An easy-to-use screen sharing tool

If you are looking for a simple and free tool by which you can share your screen and conduct online meetings, then “Mikogo” is for you.

Mikogo is a free desktop sharing app,  and allows you to share your screen with up to 10 people. This doubles it up as a free remote support and online meeting tool.  It can be used for the following:

*  Remote support – grant or request remote keyboard & mouse control to assist clients and colleagues. Easy remote support between both Mac and PC computers.
* Online meetings – meet with colleagues online to discuss and edit your team projects.
* Product demonstrations – conduct product demos or make sales pitches to prospects.
* Web presentations – present any screen content in real time without uploading documents beforehand.
* Online learning – Teach and train your pupils regardless of distance.

* Keeping in Touch – share anything you wish and invite your friends and relatives to view your screen and join in on the action.

The main features of Mikogo includes:

# Screen Sharing
# Switch Presenters
# Participant Pointer
# Remote Control
# Pause Transmission
# Application Selection
# File Transfer
# Meeting Scheduler
# Recording & Playback
# Whiteboard
# Back Monitor
# Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info
# Voice Conferencing Service
# Instant Screen Buildup
# 256-Bit AES Encryption

To use Mikogo, all you have to do is, to download mikogo tool from this site, and then create an account, and you are all set. Login and enjoy  online meeting for free. 🙂

The best thing is it has both MAC and PC versions.

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