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Unison: A Free unified communication system

Few days back, I was searching for a PBX system for my friend, which is free, and found this wonderful product which is not only a pbx system, but a complete communication platform.

Unison is a Linux based server/client software,which has loads of features including  PBX,   e-mail, Instant Messaging, Calendars, Directory and more.

Unison is a software that you install on one Linux server, Unison Server™. There are two parts  in Unison.  The Unison Server,runs on Linux and replaces both your email server (eg Microsoft Exchange) and your PBX simultaneously. This one server, handles all business communication and is managed by the IT administrator and a native desktop client, for Windows or Linux. There is also Unison Call Manager, a Windows application that allows your managers to manage incoming calls (or ‘hunt groups’) for their staff.

Instead of purchasing multiple systems, Unison provides the following features in one package:


A built-in IP-PBX includes big-business features like voicemail, auto-attendant, call distribution (‘hunt’) groups and VoIP call routing for lower telephone bills


Get e-mail at your domain, with anti-spam, anti-virus, mobile device syncing and mail rules all built in


Real-time chat with colleagues and keep a record of all staff members’ conversations


See who is available (green) or busy (red) in real-time, including on-hook/off-hook status so you see who is on the telephone


A calendar for each employee that syncs with the central Unison Server and allows joint scheduling according to who is free or busy.


Centralized LDAP directory of all your staff and their access rights – so you retain control over your staff members’ system access and information settings

Unison is the next generation of business communication. Instead of multiple, separate systems for a PBX, e-mail,IM, directory and so on.

Unison provides all communication via one server and one desktop client. It gives you all the benefits of older software like Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, but it also gives you unified communications as well. All your staff become more productive and waste less time on inefficient communication.The free version of Unison supports 25 users and there is also a paid version available. Visit Unison for more details and give it a try.

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