Restaurant reviews- Madfoon Al Sadda


Driving by Jumeirah Road has always been full of surprises. The establishments are vibrant and dynamic. There is always something new almost everyday.

Madfoon Al Sadda is not one to be missed not only because it is new but because the building is zesty in its red and yellow colored name, not to mention the neat two story architecture which has big glass windows.

Servers were polite and very helpful. We were ushered to the family area upstairs. It is noteworthy to mention that a lift is available so there is no worry to climb up some stairs (yey!)

We ordered grilled lamb, mandi chicken with mandi rice. The lamb was tender and delectable, especially that we were given the ribs and the spine area! Clearly, it wasn’t oven-grilled. What a delight!

The chicken was divine! Talk about the softest, fall-off-the-bone, juiciest chicken. We ran out of words.

Mandi rice was not the usual sort of yellowish kind but it was the white, glossy kind. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bland despite being white. It had cashews and raisins and some other mix that made it very appetizing. You wouldn’t miss the blended tomato and yogurt cucumber salad! For a while, we forgot the almost 50 degrees temperature just outside the window side table we were seated.

Sulaimani tea and khunafa were perfect to top it all with. The tea was great which i did not resist having a second serving.We just asked their staff if the khunafa is good, he was proud to say that its not just good, but very good! Indeed it was! Khunafa, which was oozing with cream was served warm and tasted really good. It is a great feeling when the restaurant staff is really confident and proud to name their dishes which gets an extra mark on my books. The quantity of the food is more than enough for two but perfect for three.

The place is quiet and relaxing. Far from the rush and madness of some mandi restaurants in town. Way to go. We’ll have to try their biryani next time and will let you know. Ciao!

Madfoon Al Sadda- Rating
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