Meet my pet Lexi!

Written by Ambi

This page covers stories about my pet dog Lexi, reviews about toys & treats, training, tips, and more. I hope this will be useful for all pet owners.

I love dogs. Back in India during my childhood, I have had many dogs. Almost 11 years in Dubai, and I always wanted to have a dog here in Dubai. It was difficult when I was a bachelor but after I am married, I was pitching to my wife this idea of buying a dog for us. She was happy to get me one and I started looking for the dog that suits my lifestyle! After several days of research, I finally came to a conclusion that a Boston Terrier would be an ideal choice due to its size, less active and adapts well to an apartment living as I was living in a studio apartment at that time.

Started looking for Boston Terrier breed in Dubai, and eventually stumbled upon a facebook group called Dogs in Dubai. An amazing group of UAE residents who promotes adoption & fights against puppy mills. From there I got some great advice on how to find a suitable dog from the many adoption centers operating throughout the UAE.

I eventually ended up visiting RAKAWC to just see the dogs there and saw Lexi! Very playful came running to us with a very big smile 🙂 We immediately decided to get her, finished the paper works and got her home! RAKAWC team was very helpful. They have their own pet shop and veterinary clinic and the best part is, all of their dogs have the basic training. So Lexi already knew on how to walk on leash, and few basic commands like sit, stay, down etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank dogs in Dubai FB group, all those rescuers & volunteers who work tirelessly to save the abandon dogs, foster and adopt them. Special thanks to RAKAWC to introduce us to Lexi who is part of our family now!

Please meet Lexi

Meet my pet Lexi



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