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Easy way to download torrents

We all download lot of stuffs from the internet through different ways,some use P2P software like limewire, emule etc, or else will search for any direct links (rapidshare,megaupload etc).The leader in all of these are torrents.You all know that you can download almost all things from different websites like mininova, the pirate bay etc.And we use torrent clients for that.For almost all apps now we have a web based version,So here comes the web based download client for torrens too..  😉

BitLet -Its a web based torrent client and this gives us the need to have something that is so simple to use.Bitlet is very simple web based java app and it has a very clean interface.Downloading torrents is also a breeze, just enter the torrent url and the download begins.

Bitlet allows you to create special download links which you can email to your friends and family and help them download torrents.
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