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An excellent search for outlook:xobni

Am not a big fan of Outlook, but sometimes need to use it, for some old email archive search and the default search in outlook sucks!

I wanted to search some emails in outlook recently, and I tried some tools like windows new search tool, but was not happy with those. While checking for some alternative for this, I found this excellent app, Xobni.

With Xobni’s instant search, the email you’re looking for appears immediately, as you type. Xobni can build a list of search results for a single keyword 50 times faster than Outlook. Add that up and you will save hours each week.

One unique element of Xobni is that search results are split into two categories: people and mail.
When you are looking for an old email message, you can usually remember the name of the person who sent it to you. Type that name into the search box, click on the people result, and you’ll get every conversation you had with that person, as well as all the attachments, contact information, and other information you may need.

It also has the following features:

Contact Info Search

Xobni pulls contact info from email signatures, message bodies, Outlook contacts, as well as their partners: LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo. If you need to quickly pull up the phone number, company name, and title before your meeting with Jim — simply type ‘Jim’ in the Xobni search box, and his whole profile of information will be at your fingertips.

Company Search

Xobni’s search feature also searches the email domains of every person you communicate with. Type the domain name into the xobni search box, and you’ll see everyone you’ve communicated with that has an email address from that domain. The results are ordered from the person you’ve emailed with most at the top, to the least emailed at the bottom. Click on one of the results and open the Hoover’s extension to see their company’s corporate information.

It also has features like find attachements by person, version tracking, filter attachment results, Drag, save or open email results etc.

I installed this in my machine and email search seems to be very an easy game for me now. Did I mentioned that its free?

Yeah, Xobni offers a free version which is enough for a home user with basic search functionality, and if you need advanced search, search for more than one email box, then you can go for the Plus version.

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