From a Distressed Dubai Metro Gold Class Commuter

Having decided to take the Dubai Metro for what was supposed to be a leisurely trip on a Friday night turned out to be an unpleasant experience. I am sharing this experience to everyone as this can be a significant learning incident especially to the Dubai Metro frequent commuters.

I have been using my Gold Class card almost every day for more than one month. Having both Silver and Gold cards, I have frequented the Dubai Metro most of the time via Gold Class. At the time I was departing from Deira City Center station for Nakheel Harbour and Towers at around 10:30 pm. When I tapped my card upon entering the Deira City Center Station there was a bizarre sound but the entry flap opened anyway. I stepped back to look at the monitor but the attendant at the gate told me “go, go, go”.

When I tapped the same card for exiting at Nakheel Harbor and Towers station, the flap refused to open. When the security asked  me to step aside for checking I politely agreed. Surprised and doubting about the incident, I was awaiting for explanation while my card is being verified by the attendant at the gate counter. To my disbelief, the lady attendant rudely making faces at me while insisting that I have to pay for the travel as the card did not register entry at the City Center station. Apparently I was insisting that the entry flap opened, and that I could not have reached that station without having tapped my card. Further to their verification, of the card, it was found out that the fees being deducted from my Gold Card is that of the rates for Silver Class.

Obviously there has been a series of errors from the time of card issue. As a frequent commuter, I do not look into the details as to how much is charged for the travels especially that of different origins and destinations. As long as the card is charged I see no problem in its usage until this has been verified by the incident lately.

It is appalling to know that there has been faulty programming in the card system resulting to the commuter’s disgrace. I remember having my card checked while I was in the Gold Class cabin in one of my travels. The checker at the time actually used a portable device for verification but the fault was not detected.

There is no doubt that the Dubai Metro has changed the public transportation system of Dubai. But having to be blamed by undesirable staff   for nothing but a mere system error is intolerable. I hope this will not happen again.

Despite the mishap, it is worth to mention that the personal assistance of the Supervisor and the other staff who were called to patch the situation is quite a relief. My Gold Class card was replaced. 🙂

May this experience be a reminder to the concerned RTA Authorities to look into matters of card issuance and customer service more thoroughly because no matter how minute the issues are, these are magnified by the commuter’s disappointments especially when falsely and inappropriately acted upon.

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